Moroccan womens dress

A perfect example of the Moroccan fashion revolution towards modern trends displays in the Kaftan. This traditional Moroccan style dress transforms the cumbersome and often weighty fabrics to sheer, free flowing gowns. These lightweight, sleek gowns highlight modern Moroccan fashion moving in the direction of western style modernism. This new fashion allows for freer movement due to the less bulky and sizable fabrics.

Moroccan fashion is not a carbon copy process. Rather, painstaking efforts ensue to present lines of clothing that appeal to all different shapes, sizes and needs of Moroccan women. This begins with exceptional quality fabrics arriving from India, Japan, China, Middle East and France.

Upon arrival, designers and tailors labor over each fabric as if it were their own. Creative energies draw from the fabric as designers and tailors review pliability, sensuality and textures. Fabric colors primarily remain in the chartreuse to rich rust color families. There is a good representation from the gold and silver families as well. In the final creative stages, designers and tailors rely on tribal accessory pieces to bring an outfit together. These pieces represent that which is traditional Moroccan style. Pairing a piece of tradition with a modern style creation bring the overall ensemble from old world charm to new world flare.

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